Wetlands are valuable natural resources!!
We need them.

Swamps, marshes, bogs; these are other names for wetlands.     A wetland is defined as any land that has water-saturated soil for all or part of the year.   My backyard is part wetland, and I love it.     It attracts wildlife, and the native wetland plants are beautiful.

Did you know that wetlands are very important cleaning filters for both surface water and groundwater?    Removal of wetlands has contributed greatly to the problems we face today on the Thornapple River and tributaries.

Wetlands clean Michigan's water.


Wetlands are some of Michigan's most beautiful and most productive natural environments.

The Wetlands Protection Act regulates construction activities in certain wetlands.

One of the main reasons our streams, rivers and lakes are deteriorating is because wetlands are being removed from our watershed.

Ignorance is not bliss;     Ignorance is EXPENSIVE.   Would you rather keep a stream or river clean (it's free!), or pay to clean it up?   Or consider this; you may be fined, because you messed it up.     The costs of prevention are much less than the costs of mitigation (or litigation).     Preserve wetlands in the Thornapple River watershed whenever possible.

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Governer Engler's administration has made our once exemplary wetlands laws almost useless.

Have you heard of Rain Gardens?

Purple loosestrife is threatening our valuable wetlands!

Property Owner's Environmental Guidebook.

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