Tributaries List of Thornapple River

Thornapple River Watershed Group, P.O. Box 341, Caledonia, Michigan 49316

Listed in order from Grand River to headwaters, with townships in parenthesis.

NOTE: this list is by no means complete. There are many small un-named tributaries that are not listed here.


    Kent County

  1. Schoolhouse Creek (Cascade)
  2. McCords Creek (Cascade, Lowell, Caledonia)
  3. Kraft Creek (mouth at Alaska)(Caledonia)
  4. Emmons Creek (Caledonia)
  5. Barber Lake Creek (Caledonia)
  6. Tyler Creek (trib of Coldwater) (Bowne, + Campbell and Eaton in Ionia County)
  7. Coldwater River (Caledonia, +Irving, Carlton, Woodland in Barry)

    Ionia County

  9. Duck Creek (trib of Coldwater)(Campbell, Odessa)
  10. Bear Creek (trib of Coldwater)(appears to be Tyler Creek on map, see above)
  11. Jordan Lake system drains into Little Thornapple in Barry (Odessa in Ionia)

    Barry County

  13. Duncan Lake Creek (Thornapple)
  14. Coldwater River (Carleton, Irving)
  15. Little Thornapple River (Woodland, Carlton, + Odessa in Ionia)
  16. Bassett Creek (Yankee Springs, Thornapple)
  17. Hill Creek (Yankee Springs)
  18. Glass Creek (Rutland, Yankee Springs Orangeville, Hope)
  19. Podunk Creek (trib of Glass Creek, Rutland)
  20. Two un-named creeks downstream of Algonquin Lake (Irving, Rutland)
  21. Algonquin Lake outlet (is there one?) (Rutland)
  22. Butler Creek (Hastings)
  23. Fall Creek (Hope, Rutland, Hastings)
  24. Cedar Creek (Johnstown, Baltimore, Hope, Hastings)
  25. Pratt Creek (Hastings)
  26. High Bank Creek (Johnstown, Baltimore, Maple Grove, Castleton)
  27. Mud Creek (Castleton, Woodland, + Sunfield in Eaton)
  28. Gravel Creek (trib of Mud Creek)(Woodland, Castleton)
  29. Hagar Creek (trib of Mud Creek)(Woodland, + Sunfield in Eaton)
  30. High Bank Creek (Grove, Johnstown, Baltimore, Maple Grove)
  31. Quaker Brook (Maple Grove)

    Eaton County

  33. Scipio Creek (Vermontville)
  34. Shanty Brook (Kalamo, Vermontville)
  35. Lacey Creek (Bellevue, Kalamo, Vermontville)
  36. Thompson Creek (Vermontville)
  37. Darken & Boyer Drain (Chester, Roxland)
  38. Cole Wright Helms Drain (Chester, Oneida)
  39. Little Thornapple River (another one)(Carmel, Chester)
  40. Baker Drain (trib of Little Thornapple) (Carmel, Chester)
  41. Thornapple Drain (Benton)
  42. Sharp Drain (upper part ofThornapple Drain)(Delta)
  43. Butternut Creek (Eaton, Benton)
  44. King Lake Drain (Windsor)
  45. Boody Lake Creek (Eaton, Eaton Rapids)


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