Thornapple River Watershed Data

For your information:

  • Lakes in the watershed: 227
  • Total number of acres of lakes: 7843.9
  • There are 741.5 total river miles
  • There are 346.8 perennial river miles
  • The area of the watershed is 876.43 sq miles
  • The watershed perimeter is 173.3 miles

    The watershed is classified by the EPA as:

  • 0% urban
  • 42% forest
  • 91% agricultural
  • The watershed includes parts of Kent, Barry, Eaton, Ionia, and Allegan Counties.
  • The watershed flows through 37 Michgan townships.
  • The headwaters of the main river are in Eaton County.
  • Barry county has more Thornapple River tributaries than any other county.

View of Thornapple River in Kent County

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