Frames Link Circus

Target your links to frames and windows! Try out the links below to find out what they do.

Riverhouse link. This url is supposed to pop up in a new window on top of the frames page.

This will load a new page into the middle frame. (pretty, yes?)

This will load a new url into the right frame.

This link should toast the frames page and replace it with the flying flag of Michigan.

To copy the html for these functions, go to this link and hit "view" and "source".CLICK HERE FOR HTML FOR FRAMES LINKS.

In order for the links to load in the frames, your frames must be named and links must be targeted by code. Look at the link code for Frames Link Circus to see how to do that. You don't have to name the frames "left, right or middle" can name them Gertrude and Mergatroyd, or whatever you like.


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