Yahoo cancelled the community leader program.

thornapple's ICQ contact panel is at the bottom of the page. If you need me, page me!

As a community leader, I was available to assist people from anywhere at geocities with homesteader questions, but particularly any resident of the RainForest.

I was assigned 300 specific pages in my neighborhood. Those particular homesteaders were mine to assist if they needed help with html, or didn't know how to make a free chatroom on their site, or if they were wondering what the heck ICQ is. Whatever the question is, I have had enough experience to usually know the answer. If not, I know someone else who knows the answer.

I "cruised" my assigned pages frequently, and I made sure that they were following geocities guidelines. If I found an illegal page, I reported it to geocities, and took take care of handling the problem. If I saw a homesteader who needed help, I dropped them a line and let them know I was available for their help needs. I frequently signed guest books, leaving contact information or just said hello. I welcomed people to the neighborhood.

I also attended on-line meetings with my fellow CLs, and worked in the help chat room. Geocities was a true on-line community, and as a CL I got to be buddies with a lot of terrific people.

Yahoo discontinued the program, but I still work and play in the helpchat, and can answer questions.

If you came to my site looking for help, you can page me on the ICQ panel below. If I am online, you will see my ICQ status blinking above it, and I will get your message instantly. If I am offline, I will get your message as soon as I log on.

Keep in mind that I when I am online, I usually am working! If I am online and don't get back to you immediately, it is because I am incredibly busy writing a newsletter for my job, or working on a grant, or in a meeting. But I am here, and will get back to you with an answer to your question as soon as I have time.

Be forewarned...if you page me, you will automatically be taken to the ICQ site afterward in a second window. If you don't have ICQ, you can learn all about it and download it from there. It's free! (thornie is very fond of free.)

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