Look at all the trash!

 Unloading trash from canoes at Indian Valley.

Steve and Susan finish unloading trash from their canoe.

Nancy and her son Ryan arrive
 with a full canoe.

It always is amazing to see what people find thrown into the Thornapple River. Nancy and her son Ryan wrestled this agricultural chemical barrel into their canoe.

John unloading a mammoth load 
of refuse from his canoe.

The father/son duo of John and Jackson collected this mountain of garbage from the river, and tied with another father/son team for the "Largest amount of trash in one canoe" award.

Susan reading a message in a bottle.

Susan tied for the "Most unusual object" award by finding this message in a bottle. It was accidentally thrown away, but was from a Methodist youth group from upstream. We thought they should come on the clean-up next year for adding to the trash pile!

Six young
 men hold up their repulsive entries for the most disgusting object.

There were six entries for the Most Disgusting Object award. Although all entries were thoroughly gross, the volunteers agreed that Ed's entry was the most repulsive: a slimy piece of bubble wrap with it's own universe of goo, algae, and insects. Ed is at the far right.

Paddle back! Paddle on!

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